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A Visit to Pramod House of Classics!
Address: Zilla School, Station Road, Puri, Odisha 752001

When you’re getting out of your house for the first time after a long time (thanks to COVID-19), you tend to get pickier. You would want it to be with your friends and at a place that doesn’t and does feel like home. This took us to Pramod House of Classics– the place is entwined with experiences from all sorts of timeline, in all sorts of ambiance! The first thing you notice when you enter this beautiful place is there is no reception area. There’s a beautiful chandelier calling out aesthetics from all corners of that room.

You take a tour and figure where to stay because this is going to be a tough decision. Every single themed room pulls you towards itself. There’s White Mischief, The Lost World, Mughl-e-Azam, Dark Knight, Fifty Shades of Grey, Moulin Rogue, and Back to the Future- each one imparting such differential experiences that they all seem equally good! While only three of these rooms have bath-tubs, you will not miss it anymore since you’re already indulged in each room’s beauty!

The rooms are large enough with two bedrooms, a living room, dining, and two bathrooms. There is enough space for at least 6 people to stay there comfortably. There’s a game room where there’s Billiards and Table Tennis as well! The swimming pool on the terrace adds just the right touch to all of these.

The staff is courteous and friendly. They are, at all times, just a call away. The food is decent, the service is great and the ambiance is amazing!

The sea beach is just 10 minutes away by road. However, it’s hard getting out of the room in the first place. Pramod House Of Classics has become one of my favorites. I personally recommend you to go there and have a great time!

For more information, please DM them here!

To check out more pictures of this place, visit here!

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