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How Humane Are Animals?

Today, while my sister sat crying on the floor about my two-months old kitten chewing on her favourite earphones, the…

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The Best Of You

The clock ticks. You wonder if you sent the right text to the wrong person or the wrong text to…

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Life-Changing Ways to Improve Your Self-Worth

Guest Post by Shana Seigler Celebrity Status Self-Worth I’m currently working on my celebrity status leveled self-worth. I would say…

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How To Push Yourself Against The Odds

You can be a star everyday.

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Like Heraclitus put it, “Change is the only constant thing in this world”. Really, who even likes change unless it…

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Getting Through Teenage To Adulthood

You did not like it when the alarm blew at 6 in the morning and you had to get up,…

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