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A Dream That Came True

So often we have a dream so good we wish it were true. Some of us are lucky and for some, dreams just remain that. But, how cool would it be if it did?

She used to see this guy every day. Right across the corridor. Hanging with his friends. Grinning and giggling. Sometimes, laughing really loud. His dimples were his best part and she would also look for his eyes. Every day she would stand in the same place and watch him. Observe him. She would wish he spared a glance at her. Just for once. Just for once. But, he never did. “Maybe, I’m not that pretty”, she would say silently.

She started dressing up to school. She thought maybe he would notice her then. But, no way. “I should never change who I am for somebody who doesn’t even know I exist”. She started dressing as usual again. But one day, while she was just binding up with her assignment, he came up to her and said, ” This your pen?”. She stumbled, startled. Then, looked at the pen and stammered, “Y-yy-yes. Thank you so much. It’s mine”. He nodded and smiled and vanished away.

No, but she was left open. Fresh. To some kind of magic inflaming right from her stomach that she could actually feel her temperature rising and adrenaline rushing through her body. That was surely some kind of magic. And then she just opened her eyes, she was smiling. And then she looked beside her. There lay her 63 years old husband holding her comfortably. He was awake already. “What happened, dear? Bad dream?”, he caressed her hand and asked. “No, I just saw a dream where you gave me a pen”, she said with her eyes fixed on him. He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I made that dream come true 47 years back”.




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  • Jaya says:

    Love the feeling in your writing, especially the way you described her temperature rising at the return of herboen. The sweetness at the end captured the memory of love.

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