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Rain Showers and the Bliss of Petrichor
The term is as beautiful as the feeling!

For those of you unfamiliar with “petrichor”, let me give you an insight. It is a pleasant smell accompanied when there is a rain shower after a period of warm and dry weather. That smell that reminds you of Earth. It is warm and comforting and one of my favorite reasons for existing on this beautiful planet. I have had a good share of my time cherishing the rain, drinking cups of coffee while trying to soak in the freshness that the rain brings, getting wet in it, kissing under it, dancing in it, writing poems about it, listening to music and getting sprinkled by its showers, mostly I and rain have had a good love story so far and we are not really breaking up anytime soon.

When did it rain for the first time?

I tried researching a bit about when the Earth met the Rain for the first time and as I had guessed, there is no real record of when that was. I mean, there are versions of it, but who’s to tell for a fact that this particular day marks the beginning of the first rain showers ever! That there was no rain at all until the floods swept away all of mankind and Noah happened to save pairs of them to start the race again, says one of the versions. Another one claims that the rains had occurred before the floods but there is no mention of it so we assume otherwise.

Rain Showers

Feeling elated with the first rain shower of the year!

As science would have it when the planet was formed a huge amount of heat was generated so when the process of cooling began, the clouds were formed and the showers that occurred after it lasted for thousands of years, which ultimately led to the forming of oceans and such. This one kinda makes sense to me. Well, I am glad it happened no matter the cause! Really glad.

Too lucky to have witnessed it!

I cannot really remember my first encounter with the rains, but I remember one of those times when I was a kid and I saw the thunder, the lightning and was taken aback a little. It was scary how nature became furious all of a sudden and the lights went out and some noise just made everything else fall so silent. I got up and sat beside the window and looked out, it felt reviving, and smelt of freshness. It’s not that scary, after all, I thought to myself. I sat there for some time, just gazing out, looking at the drops fusing into each other and falling together onto the ground filled with puddles and creating ripples of happiness.

Happy Rain and Sad Rain?

I remember classifying the rain as “Happy Rain” and “Sad Rain”. Does anyone else do that? I think that was more related to how I felt at the moment although I claimed that I could figure out if the rain was happy or sad. Most of the time, it was “Sad Rain”. I used to sit and write poems looking at the rain, it calmed all the other noises and just the sound of water doing High-fives with the puddles made the noise. It is so peaceful. There was a certain kind of beauty in the feeling that surpassed all the other emotions one had. When there was no rain, I used to stand in the shower and pretend like I was in a movie and had just gotten the news that I was cheated on.  That was obviously Sad Rain for me.

Well, the point I was trying to make is that nature has such beauty imbibed in it and the rain showers are just a tiny little part of it and no matter how we are feeling, it is always calming to know that little drops of water from nowhere can soothe the soul and elate us. So, the next time it rains, in your life or outside, just go out, stand there for five minutes and remember every little thing that has pleased you, or given you the slightest of calm. And remember that feeling. For me, it’s the petrichor.







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  • I associate the rain with either happiness or sadness like you mentioned. The rain is empowering to me, if that makes sense. I feel like Iā€™m cleansing my body of my skin physical and emotional toxins. I agree when you said it revived you too.

  • Jaya says:

    I love the smell of petrichor; it is not an understatement to call it bliss. I remember once, after a long and hot summer, I went out and stood in the first rain shower. The smell of the earth soaking in all that water was perfect.

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