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PMSing and Messing.

Women have their emotions all over the place. They have to look after themselves, pay the bills, balance their career with their personal lives, their families, their babies, the big babies they married, the pet’s babies and this is only a fraction of those things. A whole another level of problems involve what to wear, how to not get stared at, how to keep a zero figure, and the list is endless. To put an icing on the cake, we have been blessed with this necessary evil, called menstruation. The blood flow and the cramps are the easiest part, the tougher part is the PMSing. The title PMSing and Messing just made perfect sense together.


For people, who are not acquainted with this yet, PMS is Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and PMSing has caught on with time as people became more aware and open about menstruation. What happens is women go through a series of symptoms including bloating, tender breasts, acne, body ache, and these vary in women. So, this, in turn, gives rise to irritability, mood swings, and emotional outbursts. This is all you need to know to go through with this article because, No Uterus, No Opinions 😛

So, I was just calculating something and I found that basically, PMSing starts two weeks before periods and one week we have to go through with the period so basically, in a year we suffer for almost 36 weeks! I’d rather give birth to a baby. Now, that is giving me more anxiety.

Let me walk you through it.

My day started off with tossing and turning in my bed, my body feeling as if it had suddenly gone sore. I feel unnaturally sleepy and I wonder what I had done last night that got me so tired. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Then, I remember that this might be because of my approaching periods. “It’s still 5 days away, though”, I talk to myself. “Doesn’t matter, it’s here”, says another voice. Unwillingly, I wake up from my bed and drag myself to the washroom and get ready like a lazy log (this has nothing to do with periods, every day is a struggle :P).

I can feel parts of my body aching and losing their strength, I feel irritated with everything everyone says and that’s when I know it’s REALLY here. The mood swings are frequent and I want to eat everything that comes my way. I wonder how many more days until I gain my normal self back. All the meals of the day were pretty fancy and heavy and I could feel my tummy rumbling for food still. Now, I feel bloated. Is it because I ate too much? Or is it me, PMSing and messing around?

The Overthinker.

I come back home after a tiring day and I sit in quiet in my room. I open Social Media and see a picture of someone holding a cute little puppy with its gleaming eyes staring at me. I look at it closely and tears flood my eyes. I feel so overwhelmed with the picture that now I want to have a puppy! I scroll down and see a friend of mine on a trip to Bali. I see more pictures. I start thinking about what I have been doing with my life and why I have not seen Bali yet. I start rethinking my career decisions, my relationship choices. I analyze everything that I had done in my life and start creating scenarios in my head. Fuck you PMS and me, for PMSing!

I remember an old friend and start reading our old chats, I recall all the memories and start crying copiously. It is as if it doesn’t have a stopper. I stop crying all of a sudden and turn on Netflix. I play FRIENDS. I mean, what can go wrong now? But it’s the episode where Phoebe has a monologue with her triplets before giving them away to her brother and I am back to Square One!

The awakening continues…

I pause it. Now, my head starts aching. I think maybe it’s because of all the crying that I did. I decide to read a book. Maybe that will distract me. But I am craving to eat something sweet. “I will order a cupcake”, I decide. I place the order and now I am reading a book. My tummy hurts. I feel something being turned and twisted in my tummy. Oh! A cramp. Come, I was awaiting you! I struggle through the pain when I get a call from the valet to pick the order up. Now, all my zeal to eat that cupcake is lost. I decide to drink some milk and sleep.

The next morning I wake up with more pain. I don’t even have to go to the washroom to be sure. I know it in my gut that I am up for a whole week of pain ahead of me before I finally feel normal again.


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  • Pratistha says:

    I can’t relate I PMS the whole year1😂😜

  • MJ says:

    Wow, spot on. Very very relatable. We as women go through so much! It’s crazy. Just give us time to breathe! Lol

  • Thankfully PMS doesn’t usually make me overly emotional, but I definitely get hit hard with just about everything else – bloating, cramping, fatigue, irritability. I just had to cancel a spa trip because of it. It ruins everything!

  • Maria says:

    Honestly so relatable! So glad I’m on the pill now because PMS had me a wreckkk before- one time I literally sobbed because I dropped an egg on the floor lmao

  • Asher Downer says:

    This is so true hahaha x

  • This is completely my life. I’d much rather not have to deal with the constant feeling of being tired, hungry and all around moody.

  • Andi Preston says:

    This is relatable! Honestly. We have one good week a month. That’s it.

  • Jess says:

    I completely get this! It is another level of everything when your cycle is on!! I feel it coming the week before lol

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