How To Push Yourself Against The Odds

I mean, it’s a pretty cliched post is what it seems like on the surface of it. I’d think so, too. In actuality, the issue we are addressing here is the one that is ubiquitous. It so often happens that you wake up with sleepy eyes and find no motivation at all to just get up and go about the day. You look for inspirations and reasons not to, in fact. But, hey, it’s just one life- right here, right now! Is it worth all the time you spend wondering if getting up from the bed is making any point? A reminder to push yourself to give your best is all that you need.

No matter how many articles you read or how many conversations you have, you will always need to train your mind to focus on things that are important and on your priority list. There shall be no pushing without any training. The list is free to updations, edits, additions, and deletions but you should stick to it. Oh, there’s a catch here though. You might be going through a breakup, a loss, a misunderstanding, a fight, a divorce, and the list is endless. There will be times you will not even feel like making an effort to even breathe. If you do, no-I won’t tell you to concentrate or focus or blah-blah. Take a break. Go out in the open, cook some dinner, pet an animal, smell the flowers, show gratitude.

Things as small as drinking a glass of water might just make you feel a tad bit better. We are all humans and we have these hormone secretions in our brain that are both a blessing and a curse and to outdo that and fight it is not a solution. We can calm it down at the best, not tame it. I have personally tried both ways and I can tell you for sure that it did not work when I tried to ignore the hurting and carry on. To get rid of something, we need to first acknowledge it. Only then can we carve the best strategy possible to bid goodbye to it. Here are a few ways you can start to push yourself to be your best self:

1. Take out time to spend with yourself:

Again, sounds cliched but it is the most effective way out there in which we can soothe our senses and clear our thoughts. We are so occupied with everything going on in our lives that we forget to ask this really important question that all of this for who? We are our own persons. If we do not date ourselves, if we do not treat ourselves, if we do not love ourselves who will? So, go watch that movie alone, go to that club alone, walk the park alone. There is no better time than “me” time.

2. Maintain a gratitude journal.

This is such an underestimated thing but wow, it’s magical. When you express gratitude for the little things you have been blessed with, you actually acknowledge them and nothing feels better than just saying “Thank You”. It is an amazing feeling. So before you start your day or before you turn in just make a note of the things you are grateful for.  It could have been something that happened that day or just in general. Do it and witness beautiful things unfold.

3. Give yourself the talk.

Nothing makes it work better than standing in front of the mirror and just pepping yourself up out loud. Look at yourself in the eyes and say all that you’d have said to your best friend had he/she been in the same situation. And, really mean it. We forget to love ourselves the way we would have loved anyone close to us and that’s what makes all that difference.

4. Set your goals.

Idle minds are really the devil’s den. They brew stories like no one else and we do not make our list of important chores for ourselves we end up procrastinating everything that comes along and all that time is wasted. We end up learning nothing, going nowhere and just wasting time. Once we create a list of goals that we would like to finish, we will really push ourselves to finish those. Each one of us has different ways that we use to reach our destinations, but making that list is important.

5. Watch and read inspiring talks.

Ted talks and blogs are an interesting source of inspiration. When you search for a problem on the internet, you find a lot of people who have undergone the same kind of dilemma and a lot of people who have provided solutions to your said problem. You watch them, listen to them, read them and assure yourself that the problem has a solution and it is okay. On a personal level, even if the article or video doesn’t help me too much, it’s just comforting to know that I am not alone. And, that, it is okay.

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Pragati Mahapatra


  • Fiona Sommer says:

    These truly are five great ways to push yourself to become an even better version of yourself.

  • Simone says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I always love to watch or listen to inspiring ted talks/blogs/youtube videos. It does comfort me and inspire me at the same time.

    xoxo Simone |

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