Existential Crisis: A First World Problem?

I have never really been a fan of Nietzsche or any such philosophy maestros. I have actually always thought of myself as an actual philosopher, ha! But I took a long break from my love for writing when I started delving myself in everything that was just supposed to keep me busy. But, it never really got me anywhere. Then, the creative side of me took a long vacation and wouldn’t come back so I took it upon myself to sit that monkey down and tell her (I am a feminist :P) to come back because I really missed her. I couldn’t stay any longer with her absence! Existential crisis much?

As I write this piece of a fictional but very adorable story down, I am thinking about how time is flying away and how I am going to be 24 this year and have not even figured out what I am supposed to do with my life.

Existential Crisis and First world problems

I need to soothe my soul. I am still trying to figure out what the purpose of my life is and if I will ever get anywhere with all this stupid exploring I keep doing but well, at least now I have a name for it (thanks to the English dictionary). Behold your breath because one of my dear friends just pointed out that it is called Existential Crisis.

Let’s take a look at this issue.

As Wiki (I like calling it that. We are best friends.) defines it, it means “An existential crisis is a moment in which an individual questions if their life has meaning, purpose, or value. It may be commonly, but not necessarily, tied to depression or inevitably negative speculations on purpose in life.” Oh. Beautifully put, isn’t it? But, the feeling is not that sunny and pretty.

People used to go through these as they approached the ultimate vacation-taking stage but nowadays a lot of younger people are going through it and it’s not necessarily a good thing. Instead of enjoying moments of this journey called life, they are focused on finally getting somewhere and don’t get me wrong, that is an awesome thing. But if this crisis messes with your head or takes a toll on you, you need to take a step back and rethink.

Think Tank is right here!

If Purpose were just out there looking for you, they would look at your miserable self and despair, take a U-turn and walk away. You need to step up and look pretty for your Purpose, set the vibe of “I will date you and love you and cherish you forever if you meet me.” Purpose needs to understand that they will be well-treated and respected. You are going to be loyal to them and not just have a one-night stand (First World problems, yeah!)

So, sleep on this tonight. Wake up and get through your day. If not a day, make it an hour, a minute. One minute at a time, one hour at a time, One Day at a Time (a really good show, btw!) and take it slow. Be a lady for your Purpose! (Still a feminist, geez!)

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  • Ashleigh says:

    I think about my purpose quite often, and I think existential crisis’ are akin to mid-life crisis’, and now quarter life crisis’, we just have names for them now

    Ashleigh | http://www.loveashleigh.com

  • Giulia says:

    I really love your writing. This post was beautiful. Also, I love your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more from you! x

  • Jaya Avendel says:

    I discovered my passion at such a young age, I never questioned it as I continued to write and grow. Now what I love to write has changed, but I embraced that and went with the flow. Yet, even though I am happy, I sometimes wonder at the things I could do instead of write. It is hard to be sure what our purpose is, or even be certain we have found it, so living in the moment and staying happy helps me. 🙂

  • Cate (LoveMyAnxiousBrain.com) says:

    I agree – purpose is something that takes time to evolve in our minds, before we understand it better. It often seems to be about connecting or reconnecting with other people, when we do start to see it. All the best things start slowly =)

  • Very true indeed. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their passion straight away. Just keep looking.

  • Yes finding purpose of life is important but taking it slow is more important. Awesome post

  • Laura says:

    So true. I like how you said that you like your job, but you still feel this urge to serve more of a purpose, and as a result, can you ever know when you have achieved that purpose, or are we all just spinning our wheels? Not that I think we should lower our standards, but I think it’s important to recognize what we are achieving as we achieve it so that we don’t feel like failures while trying to climb higher on our own personal totem poles.

  • Chocoviv says:

    Exactly! Take it slow!

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