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Adapting To Change

All fear boils down to one obvious thing- fear of change. Change in the dynamics of your relationships, in the way you choose to live, or in your belief system- basically, everything that we are scared of involves a change in one form or the other. Are you scared of losing someone? Think about it. It will lead to you changing your patterns. You relied on them, talked to them. Now, you have to take that arrow and place it on someone else’s heads. That is change. You are scared of living alone? It’s because it will alter the way you were accustomed to living hence, this new plan scares you. 

Well, now that we know change, in one form or the other, scares us, all of us, there’s nothing to feel ashamed about, is there? It’s very much humane to feel what it is we feel when something takes a different path than what we formerly imagined it to. 

What is the cause?

Science indicates that our brains perceive change as an error. Change seems like an anomaly to our brain and we immediately let logic fly out the window, fearing that we might lose what is about to change. Even if the change is for the better, a certain unfamiliarity shrouds our happiness or excitement and we let fear overpower us, even if it is for a few minutes. 

How do I overcome it?

Well, for starters, I have some unexplained, irrational logics in my pocket, and I use them when things seem blurry. These, I call my “Dry Fruits”. Like, when you get hungry real often so you carry around some snacks to eat, preferably healthy. They do not necessarily have to be as filling and nutritious as the main course but they sure make your hunger stable and not to mention, are tasty. “Dry fruits” are those things for me that do not have any logic or theory behind them. But, I feel better when I am having a turbulence of thoughts in me. One of them goes like “Whatever happens, happens for the best”. Another goes like “If you’re feeling uncomfortable today, you’ll feel comfort tomorrow”. And, oh my, I have so many of these!

My point being, you have to figure out what your dry fruits are. They do not have to necessarily be illogical. They can be proven, sane statements and beliefs. The most important thing is that they mean something to you. 

How does one adapt to change?

For starters, you need to understand that change is the only constant thing in the universe. I am not just quoting some statement but stating a mere fact. 

  1. Understand why the change is necessary. Figure out the positives that it involves so you can deal with it better. 
  2. Gather knowledge about the change. How it affects you, why you wanted it, and acknowledge that it is for the best.
  3. Control the change. That is if it is under your control. Else, just go with the flow. 🙂

Believe in yourself. You have come a long way. Take your time. You are only human.

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  • Clarissa Cabbage says:

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts! I like to think of change as an opportunity for growth.


    Hi, really liked your approach to the issue. I guess my feet fruit isn’t a dry fruit but more of a dessert because it involves me writing down a page full of my emotions and/or ranting about it to my boyfriend/bestfriend.

  • Nyxie says:

    Change is so difficult for some people to adapt to and embrace. Although I like change, I don’t like it that much and it still stresses me out. But there comes a time when we have to change, whether we like it or not. That could be internally or externally.

    Great post and much needed at a time like this. Thank you for sharing!

  • @imallbookedupYA says:

    Great post!

  • Hannah Louise says:

    I love this, there’s definitely a lot of fear surrounding change but these tips really help!

  • Margarida Vasconcelos says:

    No doubt fear has stopped me to growth, I am embracing change now. Thanks for sharing your views.

  • Chris - CJ Attractions Guide says:

    Humans are so fearful of change, but mostly it does bring positives. I’ve had to force myself and have been encouraged to do different things and mostly it has all been for the good! Great post, thanks for sharing

  • simplymyperspective says:

    You’re right, change really is necessary. I think that fear of the unknown might also be a big reason why so many of us ignore the need to change. Great post!

  • Travelogged blogs says:

    This post is amazing! Personally, I love to have changes in my life, may the changes be big or small, we learn a lot from them. Letting the control go off is a hard thing. Fear stops growth and it’s really true. You should mentally prepare your mind to process the change, only then you will be able to adapt that environment. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Unwanted Life says:

    Change is often difficult because we’re creatures of habit, and it’s easier to be in a routine because you can cruise in autopilot. But should we be happy with cruising through life in autopilot when theirs so much in the world that needs changing, or that you could simply explore and experience. Change is good for us all ✊🏾

    Unwanted Life

  • Jaya Avendel says:

    I especially love this piece since I see myself as a person who resists change. I always shuffle my feet toward something new, and love it when I finally see the change in happen, yet the next time I face change, I cannot shake off my resistance.

    Being aware of my tendencies toward change helps me push past it. I agree that fear stops growth, and it is change that brings about growth.

  • Jennifer Van Haitsma says:

    I struggle with change sometimes, and letting go of control. My therapist has been recommending that I only focus on what seems logical to control, and the things the Universe controls.

  • prettysam says:

    Wonderful post, yes its fear which stops our growth!!
    BRAIN just want to relax,
    I was myself scared of writing, but slowly it helped me gain my confidence.
    Thanks for sharing this motivating post.

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