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Fathers: The Saga of an Understated Love

Since time immemorial, we have always patronized the mother’s love so much that the fathers seem to be lurking in the shadows. Odes for the mother’s love, movies depicting the beauty and sacrifices of the mother’s love and everything that you can possibly use to crown a prize. And, they totally deserve it. In fact, I have a special bond with my mother, too. We are just like friends and trust me, we share EVERYTHING with each other. There’s no doubt that she melts and sooth

Fathers and their love

Papa catering to my unearthly demands 😛

es my heart and I will give my life up in a second for her.

A love was unspoken…

But with all this talk about expressive love and whatnot, we have totally forgotten to accolade how gentle and latent father’s love is. Just because love is not said through words day in and out, we cannot just ignore the presence of it. This man who sits behind the huge white papers of the newspaper every day enjoying his cup of tea, without saying a word to us until absolutely necessary or who holds his laptop more often than he ever held us as babies, is actually our Batman- The Silent Guardian, The Watchful Protector.

There are few songs dedicated to a father’s love for his children in the music industry but are-oh my God-so meaningful. And, today, as I was

Father's love

Papa showering me with kisses!

listening to one of them, it just hit a chord in me and I thought, why not really think about it? Like, really, THINK ABOUT IT!

The kind of love that has no songs written for it.

Imagine working your asses off day and night to earn those bills for yourself and having to give all that up for two other people (at least) and just keep on doing that every single day of your life. Does that ring a bell of “how unfair!”? It did, to me. I earn my money and I think for the whole month what to buy the next month I have money and even at the slightest inconvenience caused to my plans of spending that entire money on anyone other than myself, I feel not-so-okay, until that person is really important to me. But, in any case, that permits me to not spend the money on anyone else, I would take it without a blink of an eye.

But this man, lovingly known as Father, he knows that he knows all of this and chooses to do this as many times as required. He will even sacrifice his share of buying his favorite things for his birthday so we can throw a huge party to our friends because we bagged the first prize in Lemon Race! The worst thing is he doesn’t even need to. He can just say No to anything and you cannot even do anything about it, missy! But he would rather not eat one night and buy you

Father's understated love

Me wondering when will Papa take me on that bike ride he promised 😐

food at some fancy place than say No to you. If that is not love, I don’t know what is.

What fathers have done has surpassed our expectations.

There have been so many times we had expected our fathers to just tell us how they felt about us and how much they loved us, we all have craved for a few loving words but disappointment has made us bitter with time. But, is that really his fault? Maybe he wanted us to learn what tough love is, maybe he wanted to protect us. We have no right to expect how someone loves us and be disappointed when that doesn’t happen like we thought it would. But, again, we cannot blame ourselves to be expecting. That’s human nature but I will ask all of you to just a take a minute, sit down and think about it. Think about a new perspective, After all, your way of expressing love is not the only way to do it. Our fathers have certainly proved it.

Now you think about it!





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  • Ray says:

    Very-well written and you’re right, everyone has a way of expressing their love,.
    Just because it doesn’t match your way, doesn’t make it any less genuine and true.

  • Asher Downer says:

    Such a cute post!

  • Esther says:

    Such a lovely and heartfelt read… ❤️

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