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Embracing Body Positivity

I have always had insecurities about my body and how I looked on the outside. Ever since I was a young girl, I was conscious about my weight and that I looked bulkier than the rest of my friends. There was a constant debate running in my head about what to wear and what not to. I wanted to be skinnier and less conscious. It was exhausting, especially because I was just a teenager. But, as I grew older, I started embracing my body just the way it was. I decided to treat my body the way I feel like and the way that it makes me feel better about myself. I decided to embrace body positivity in all its forms.  

Finally Getting Over It

As I started experimenting with my styles, I discovered that I should wear clothes however it is that I like it. That’s when I came across the idea of body shaper bodysuits. I understand some of you must be wondering that here I am talking about body positivity and also talking about things that help you look like what you’re not. Well, for me, body positivity is just about wearing whatever you like to whether it suits the norms or not.

If I want to paint my body, I should be able to. If I want to wear boyfriend tees and go out with messy hair, I should be able to. Whether I want to dress up or not, should solely be my decision. Body positivity is just about being able to fall in love with your body just the way it is and dressing up the way you want to, should be on you.

Here It Comes

And as the heavens would have it, I came across this website called Loverbeauty. What excited me about them was how they believed in the fact that beauty should be the cause of confidence and not the source of anxiety. They cater to all shapes and sizes. They are comfortable, smooth, and stretch just as much as you’d like them to.

A lot of us believe that body shapers are supposed to be worn only to shape the figure but I know women who wear those because they experience lower back pains, want to improve posture and to feel good about themselves after they have gone through some hormonal irregularities. Just like everything else, this has its cons too. However, if it’s for the greater good, I am ready to embrace this. 

Rest assured, Loverbeauty has certainly come across to me as the best shapewear for tummy and waist and you must give it a try! 

Disclaimer: This is a paid Promotional post for the brand. You are not charged extra for buying their products from the links mentioned here. The review is fair and unbiased.

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  • Stephanie says:

    I love this! It’s such an important message to share x

  • Lyv says:

    I LIVED in shape wear for months after having both of my kids! So I can certainly attest that it can make a big difference in someones confidence of overall comfort level in their body.

  • Hannah Louise says:

    Being body positive is so important! These pieces look perfect for helping people embrace there natural body!

  • Lindsey says:

    I haven’t really heard of these before but I agree that it should be about feeling confident rather than it being a source of anxiety. It wasn’t something that bothered me when I was young but I’m definitely more body conscious these days which can sometimes be annoying. Great post.

  • Nancy says:

    Embracing body positivity is so important! It is great that there are various ways to help you. I’ve heard a lot about the body shapers! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy β™₯

  • Natasha MacFarlane says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing!

  • says:

    I know I’ve certainly felt like this about my body. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Kev S says:

    I know I don’t have time to exercise as much as I should. These are good ideas.

  • It's a Readlief! says:

    I really find bodysuits sexy, despite the size or shape of the wearer! Your post is empowering πŸ™‚

  • Bri C says:

    Ah spreading that body positivity over here, I love it! The most important lesson things to learn in this life is there is beauty in every being regardless of gender, shape, size, color, the whole shabang!
    Love the message your spreading on your platform, you go girl!
    xo Bri

  • Yaya, says:

    I really loved this post, such an important message. Those body shapers are so cool!

  • Lam and TheGlam says:

    THanks for sharing this πŸ˜‰ I love my body but this maybe really helpful for many people to be more confident

  • Bri says:

    Love to see the body positivity! I’m starting to get into shape wear too but its so constricting 😩

  • Jenny Ventura says:

    Awesome post. If a bodysuit is what makes you feel great on the inside, no one should stop you!

  • Castlesandturrets says:

    I love my body, but I have to admit that shapewear can be really helpful sometimes! It’s amazing how it can help boost a person’s silhouette and it’s great to see a post that is beneficial for all body types – thanks for sharing x

  • Jupiter Hadley says:

    I feel that if body shapers make you more confident, then they are perfectly worth mentioning.

  • Jen says:

    It’s great that so many companies are making clothing and shapewear for all types! It’s a big step in the body positivity movement. Hopefully things only continue to improve.

  • Hannah Kay says:

    Good for you! Experimenting with different styles is probably the best way to go about starting to feel confident again!

  • Meaghan says:

    It’s amazing what a bodysuit can do for a silhouette! Glad you’ve found a brand that works for you.

    MB |

  • Brooke says:

    I have never tried shapewear before, but it is nice to see that it is available for different body types. It is hard enough finding clothes that fit.

  • Prettysam says:

    Wow!! This is Amazing 😍😍 this is much needed shapewear like some of us don’t have time or body don’t allow for exercise, the age factor. This is the best. I like it.

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