Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up

Leonardo DiCaprio, an incredible actor, who likes keeping his style on point and gentleman-like.  Not only does he hold our attention through the showcase of his fine acting skills but also manages to behold his fans through his classic style statement. His typical combination of white shirts with a black tux captures the perfect DiCaprio image. But that’s not just what he is. Let us see what else Leo likes!

Leo perfects the art of wearing casual with a tinge of style. On off days, he prefers jumpers and jeans that go well with his style statement. He steals the limelight even when he is wearing a classy pattern shirt, a simple V-shaped t-shirt, or a jacket with his several of the hats.

His secret.

He pulls of suits like a “suiting” star (sorry about the lame joke :P) and he tailors them all according to his perfect fit. Well, it isn’t that hard. A straight cut tailored suit goes with all physique types and that will make the cut! Appointed collar with contrasting ties does look good.

Colored shirts aren’t anything to be afraid of. They go very well with dark-colored suits. The Ideal Man, Leonardo DiCaprio, has a wide range of smart shirts that do the job.

Colors like grey, blue, white and black make the perfect choice for the office-goers. Always choose jackets and trousers that are slim-fit. A grey jacket or suit contrasts well with any color of the shirt.

And as far as his hair is concerned, he likes to do a bit of this and a bit of that. We find him carrying a straight blonde, including long hairs. Although his famous onscreen haircut in the role of Jack Dawson is unforgettable.

With accessories, he is limited. Watches and hats are his game-changer. Tag Heuer Carrera is his brand when it comes to watches (since he is the brand ambassador) and you hardly find him walking the crowd without his hats.

Though there’s not much of a fancy tale to tell about Leo, there’s always class and style. He is carrying forward the legacy of comfortable, gentleman fashion and you know how good the outcome looks!

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  • Dr. Vador says:

    Leo that’s my guy. I did not think of getting most of my stuff tailored. Thank you for the info

  • Lana says:

    I love Leo, he always looks great!

  • Nancy says:

    Leonardo looks great as he always did!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  • JOGAMAYA says:

    Lovely post 🙂 Keep writing more!

  • Manon says:

    Leo is always well dressed. Love this gentleman fashion’s style 🙂 XX Manon

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