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Pragati Mahapatra
Hi, I am

Pragati Mahapatra

Hi, how are you? I hope, good.

I am fine, thank you.

Just being cordial so you don’t get scared away. 🙂

I am Pragati Mahapatra, the author of my blog Not So Cordial. Ever since I was a kid, I always had a knack for words, beautiful words. The thought that we can articulate emotions and experiences so well to actually be able to influence another’s emotions, has captured my attention from time to time.

I started with poetry, little snippets, couplets. I wrote to vent. I wrote to talk. Slowly, I understood that words were in fact, my best friend. As I grew older, I knew I had to share. Thanks to technology and the internet, I started writing on different platforms before I finally planned a blog of my own. This was a huge leap from what I was already doing. I am so grateful. I hope I can convey the same emotion to everyone else, too.

Inspiration for the name:

Coming up with the name was actually the hardest part. This name was supposed to represent all that this blog stands for. So, I took the reference from what inspired me. This had to be something that life has taught me. This had to be something that made sense, and did not paint fairytales. It needed to be something that brought us back to reality. This had to be something that told us it was okay to not be okay, and that life is not always cordial. 🙂

Pragati Mahapatra